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The first 2 episodes of the second season of The Eyeslicer are available to stream for FREE now over at Vimeo!
EPISODE 1: ASMR Roleplay – Watching The Eyeslicer
Tux and Fanny adopt a stray, two fun specialists take us on a tour of their lives, 10 things about Kati Kelli. Plus: why we make art.

Dir. Albert Birney, Kati Kelli, Bridey Elliott & Beth Einhorn, Gabrielle Kash, Dylan & Dakota Pailes-Friedman. ASMR by Seafoam Kitten.

EPISODE 2: Saturday Morning Slicer
Baron von Slice shares a few of his favorite toons, the adventures of Minnesota’s worst pizza delivery guy, how to pop a blackhead. Plus: Tux gets a new skin suit.

Dir. Christopher Rutledge, Leah Shore, Michaela Olsen, Travis Wood, Albert Birney, Emily Ann Hoffman

The full 13-episode season can only be accessed via physical format, available at